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A captivating novel about an Olympic sports scandal published by Micro Publishing Media.                
Release Date: May 1, 2020

A chilling message left on an answering machine warns that one of the world’s top male figure skaters will be dead before the end of the Olympics. A disgraced reporter has just one chance to save a life and resurrect his career by going undercover.


What he discovers is figure skating behind the scenes - a corrupt world filled with dark and disturbing secrets, corruption, greed, addiction, abuse, racism, homophobia, athletes at their breaking point, Olympic rivalries and countless suspects capable of murder in their quest to claim the coveted gold medal.

The Chosen Ones, a detective fiction murder mystery, set in the 1990's, is considered to be figure skating’s golden age and though fictionalized, was inspired by real-life skaters and events.


This edition includes additional resources on topics such as sexual abuse, examples of social injustice in sports, and social activist athletes. From fact and fantasy, there's something in this fiction murder mystery for everyone from novices to serious skating fans. 

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