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Only one can win.  Not everyone will survive...

Brody Yates has fallen on hard times. Fired from his job as a sports reporter for a major newspaper, he decides to masquerade as a trainer in order to infiltrate the backstage world of figure skating.


He has one chance to save someone’s life and to turn his around by breaking a figure skating scandal story of a lifetime. It's his last chance for personal redemption. 


The Chosen Ones, though a fictionalized figure skating drama, reveals the secrets behind Olympic scandals, games, and corruption against the backdrop of the high-pressure sport of figure skating. 


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“I really enjoyed the book! It offers a realistic view into the world of competitive professional skating. The protagonists are fundamentally sympathetic and all offer disparate reasons for pursuing this fleeting career in skating. It demonstrates the solitary aspects of the sport so sensitively. It is a perceptive critique of the Skating "industry" delivered in a mystery genre. It was riveting. Terrific work!”

"I'm not much of a sports fan, but after chapter three,

I was hooked on The Chosen Ones.   My constant thought was, "Who is it?" The story line was intellectually gripping, the sporadically placed steamy sex scenes were visually presented, and the mystery of how those ice skating judges give their marks was finally explained.  It all makes sense to me, now!  Amazing from beginning to end."

"A great read! Full of twists and turns, The Chosen Ones is a must-read for those who love action, intrigue, deceit and betrayal! I couldn't put it down!"

"I thought the book was heartfelt, entertaining and a great read for all sports fans and athletes on the ice or off! Both my 27 year old daughter and 22 year old son have skated since they were 2 years old, both competitive sports or just figure skating for fun. I can't wait for them to read it so we can discuss and share!"

"Like the best of mystery novels, The Chosen Ones combines a riveting plot with unique characters to give the reader a fascinating look into the world of competitive skating. A great book, I was sad to see it end."


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